Gardner Asphalt Supply controls and manages millions of barrels of asphalt storage nationwide.

Our Company

Gardner Asphalt Supply focuses on the supply and distribution of paving asphalts including cutbacks, water based emulsions, warm mix, ground tire rubber, and polymer modified asphalts.

Our Customers

Our customers are the key to our success, which you can see in our mission statement:

Gardner Asphalt Supply is committed to providing quality asphalt products and legendary customer service, earning the relationships of life time business partners.

Everyone on the Gardner Asphalt team will strive every day to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your experience with our company.

Our Technology

In addition to investing in new and advanced manufacturing equipment, Gardner invests in research and development which is key to our ongoing success. The company has more patents than any other competitor in the industry. Gardner invested in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Tampa, FL which is staffed by testing professionals and technicians with decades of experience in the asphalt industry. To ensure our clients the highest-caliber service, Gardner maintains AASHTO R 18 (AMRL/AAP) accreditations and a fully certified staff of scientists and technicians.

Gardner History

Gardner Asphalt Supply, LLC was formed in September 2011. Its parent company Gardner-Gibson has been in existence for four decades producing a full line of roofing coatings, waterproofing coatings, pavement sealers, caulks, wall repair patching, and wall paper adhesives through 12 owned and operated manufacturing plants across the United States and Canada. The creation of Gardner Asphalt Supply was a natural fit for the company because of its asphalt based products. 

Gardner-Gibson was acquired by ICP Group in January 2021. ICP is the foremost supplier of professional products and solutions for building envelope, cementitious and sports surface needs. Comprising dozens of industry-leading brands across numerous industries and applications, ICP offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios to building professionals all over the globe, all backed by its exclusive Masterworks training and education program. For more information, visit

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